Real Peaceful Rainbow
Resistance Revolution
Stunning revolutions spelt out here in both science and multi-faith
religions... Space is proven to be 7-dimensional, on just 2 pages, not
the incorrect historical 3-dimensional. The most advanced scientists in
the world have been waiting for this to be proven for some decades...!
Likewise ‘material objects’, even the tiniest particles, are made of multi-
dimensional folds of ‘material made of space not “matter”’ so I prove
karma consciousness as in the Far East - ‘matter’ is totally a delusion!
Just why ‘JHWH’ is the Name of GOD! This leads to full proof that the
Holy Ghost and the Holy Spirit are quite different and the Holy Spirit is
the central and only female Person or ‘Triune mother, daughter,
counsellor’ in a Holy Trinity that is really a Holy Quartet!
Firstly as Mother (Mary) to Jesus Mind or Meaning’ Christ at His Father’s
Right Hand; Daughter (Gaia) to the Holy Ghost/’Spirit’ at His Left Hand.
Counsellor (Wisdom or Sophia) to the Most High Lord Good and His and
Our Lady Goodness above Her or ‘Soul’, so to All Three - six Divine
People in Total at present but the Bible forewarns that changes soon!
A full discussion, with the utmost authority, of true literal translations
and interpretations of both of the Apocalyptic Books of the Christian Bible
Revelation and Daniel. So compelling, logical, common sense,
scientific, Proofs: - that both God and the Kingdom of the Heavens Exist
Spiritual poetry as a ‘pleasant prelude’ to: - Massive (Tera!) Whistle-
blowing on the whole of world medicine emphasising strongly anti-
psychiatry. The final part of this book is a ‘Manifesto: Abolish All Money!
Simon Richard Lee Guided by & by His And Our Lady
Archangel Gabriel of the Triune Goddess the Holy Spirit
Both share the Same Spiritual Name ‘Hear in the Name of the LORD’
- Open Scholar 1967 - 1975, at St Albans School, Hertfordshire, England (same
school, and science teachers, as famous Cosmology Professor Stephen Hawking... But
Si did far better overall than Stephen Hawking, and has an even larger IQ, partly as a
result, partly from his deep untrained Zen Enlightenment, than Hawking’s ‘180 IQ’!)
- Open Scholar, BA, MA 1975-1983 in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Cell Biology,
and Computer Science, at King’s College, Cambridge University, England
- Chartered Senior Computer Systems Design Engineer and Manager/Consultant
- With these letters after his name, NEVER ‘Doctor-er’ (Dr.) in front, thank God! : -
Zen Buddha Allah === JHWH God === ALpha&OmegAH!
ISBN 978-1-326-51121-0
Copyright End of May Spring Bank Holiday 2016 AD
Simon Richard Lee; and Archangel Gabriel etc (major contributions)
This new book, the apex of 35 years of hard intermittent work, is
dedicated to my extremely hard working genius of a nursing sister
and manager and mother Barbara Dawn Day, born on 1
July 1931
who died tragically of breast cancer after suffering for over three
years, luckily painlessly, on 24
August 2007.
This book is also dedicated to the other most important women in
my life. They are my only child Guinevere Margaret Elisabeth, who
was born 22
February 1991, in Welwyn Garden City,
Hertfordshire, England, like me.
Also my sister ‘Angel Clair’ was born in Hatfield nearby exactly 30
years earlier. Again on 22
February, but in 1961 not 1991 like my
daughter Jeni’. Are they ‘multiply Pisces’ !??
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Part One
An incredible, entirely new approach to many key ‘scientific’,
as well as ‘spiritual’, aspects of the Universe.
How, on passing right through the fabric or ‘curtains’ of
Space, the extremely different, far greater Kingdom of the
Heavens’ is revealed and reached!
1. The ‘void’ or space is not three-dimensional, as generally
thought! Simple proof given here, which is so elegant that it
is totally convincing, that space in our Universe is in fact
2. The vital importance of space in many faiths, especially in the
Far East, especially Buddhism and Zen, as an object of both
meditation and veneration. The crucial word ‘mu’ in Zen
Buddhism, and the closely related meditation, and reverence
for, space or ‘the void’ in the East and Far East.
3. The principal scientific view of how the Universe first came
about, the ‘Big Bang’ theory.
4. What is time? Where does it come from and where does it go
5. Science is very different in its approach to gaining knowledge,
to the faiths and religions of the world. It is wrong to believe
that scientists ‘seek the truth’, which is instead the aim of
every single faith in the world. Scientists aim to ‘prove
scientific facts’ about the world, starting with observations’ of
Nature, or experiments. These usually strike the general
public as being extremely cold and indeed ‘clinical’, with little
emotion involved. Science is very different to world faiths in
at least two other ways. Firstly, whereas all world faiths are
concerned with receiving and also giving out messages’,
astonishingly science nearly totally ignores languages in
Nature. Secondly, scientists deliberately cultivate often very
many ‘theories’ about aspects of science, to try to accurately
predict all future observations in the same situation. Instead,
all world faiths follow their own unique ‘Way’ (to God?),
usually established by a spiritual leader. To find the Truth,
about life, and usually God’, in order to lead an increasingly
‘better life’. The most famous man ever, Jesus Christ, is so
because so much of the world believes that he stood for the
above ideals, shown in bold, far better than anyone else ever
6. The quite astonishing way, in which the Hebrew ‘Name of
God’, the four letters JHWH, is actually a totally accurate
diagram of the Godhead in Heaven, showing precisely how
interaction happens with our Physical Universe.
7. A fuller picture is given, by adding to the JHWH diagram the
Tree of Life, made of the two trees of the Holy Ghost (actions)
and the Holy Spirit (words and feelings).
8. How God created light on the first Day of Creation which
science tells us, starts with +/- charge, then electric and
magnetic fields result, then finally these make light by
combining together in a complex way.
9. Proof that there is no such thing as ‘matter’! All particles have
in fact been proven to be made of concentric nested spheres,
of standing waves made of space, with their charge spread all
around the surface of each particle. In this Section, we look
at particles, atoms, molecules, macromolecules, and briefly,
10. The “Seven Days of God’s Creation”, however long they
actually lasted, witnessed very much Creation of stars,
planets, then ‘biological life’ in several stages, as in the Book
of Genesis in the Bible. We discuss all these phases in this
Section. At the end of all this discussion, we will find that a
whole radically new ‘Spiritual Science’ has emerged in the
Part Two
The Book of Revelation in the New Testament
Complete text of the Apocalyptic Book of Revelation, at the very
end of the Christian Bible, with radical new and quite astonishing
In particular it claims that Chapters 12 and 13 of this book clearly
predict that: -
The Antichrist or Beast 666 has already been in total world
power for a whole 70 years! It actually achieved this,
following D-Day, 6am on 6
June (6
month) 1944, and the
peak of World War 2, the heaviest fighting ever in the world!
Part Three
The Book of Daniel in the Old Testament
Complete text of the only other Apocalyptic Book in the Bible, which
is Daniel, in the Old Testament.
Again this is with radically new and nearly as astonishing
commentary, as my commentary above on the Book of Revelation.
In particular I believe I have solved the mystery of nearly all of the
main visionary chapters 7-12 of Daniel.
So you should find the commentary on those chapters, just as
fascinating as my views on the Book of Revelation above.
Part One
Stunningly New
Spiritual Sciences!
With NO Equations in them at all!
They are in fact as old as the hills...
What follows in the next several dozen
pages will definitely cause resounding
changes to all of our views, especially
scientific views, of space and time.
Even more so, we prove that all ‘material’
objects are made solely of a Filigree
Lattice of Space and Time surrounded by
electrical charge. There is no such thing
as ‘matter’ – ‘matter’ is a pure delusion.
So we PROVE TOTALLY ‘karma’ conscious-
ness in the first Part One of this book!
Section 1
The True Nature of ‘Space’
Space is actually an invisible Filigree Lattice’, normally seen
as ‘three-dimensional’ but complete proof is given below,
from first principles, that space is really ‘seven dimensional’!
Conventional mathematical, scientific and engineering views
of space as ‘three dimensional’
We usually start to learn about space (for instance at school) as
‘containing three right angles at ninety degrees to each other’, in
three ‘axes’, ‘directions’ or ‘dimensions’.
To start considering objects within these invisible three
dimensions, we are first taught to draw a picture of the three axes
or directions as below, called in mathematics ‘Cartesian co-
ordinates’: -
For hundreds, indeed thousands of years, until about 100 years
ago, science considered space to be an infinite ‘grid’ extending
uniformly out from a base as above, in all three directions.
At the start of the 20
Century, as we saw earlier, Albert Einstein,
in particular, totally challenged all the ancient notions of space as
above, when he revolutionised ideas in science of time itself in his
two theories of Special Relativity and General Relativity. General
Relativity theory even proposes that space can ‘curve’ especially
near very large, heavy bodies like stars.
More recently, later scientists have tried to develop theories of the
Universe that claim that space has more than three dimensions.
Trying to see what space actually looks like if it is indeed ‘multi-
dimensional’, even with powerful computer graphical methods, has,
not surprisingly, proven impossible!
Space has SEVEN dimensions not three!
Simple and complete proof!
Firstly, the big problem with the above starting point, drawing three
axes or ‘dimensions’ through an ‘area of empty space’ is that
according to every single science as well as every single world faith
or religion space is never ever empty. Space is always full of
objects, even if so tiny they are invisible to the naked eye
fundamental particles, atoms, etc. Also EVERYTHING is CURVED!
An ‘object’ is obviously very easy indeed to define as “something
with a volume of space containing an inside as well as an
The outside of objects contained inside a relatively large volume of
free space or empty space can readily indeed be seen to be three
dimensional just as above. However, maths and science seem to
have mostly totally overlooked a very curious fact about the inside
of all objects also known about in geometry for thousands of
years. For the inside of all objects contains four not three
axes at right angles i.e. is four dimensional not three
The very simplest, clearest example of this is a cube often a very
mystical object in many faiths and religions almost certainly for
the above or similar reasons: -
1. So, a large volume of free space or empty space space
outside objects has three axes or is ‘three dimensional’.
So Outer Space is Three Dimensional.
2. As in the simplest example of the cube, space inside objects
has four axes is ‘four dimensional’. So Inner Space is
Four Dimensional.
3. The normal or usual situation, throughout the entire Universe,
is that Middle Space Inner Space containing further
objects within that space is BOTH 3D AND 4D (3D to
inner objects and 4D to the outer object).
5. Likewise, the ‘thing’ which separates ‘inside’ of all objects from
their ‘outside’ must simply be a likewise SEVEN
Increasing numbers of us scientists have recognised in the last few
years especially, that if space is proven to be 7D not just 3D, an
amazing thing will happen science and all its maths would be
completed! Science will come to a final end, especially physics!
Well, just my above two pages do exactly prove that space is
indeed 7D seven not three dimensional! QED!
Section 2
The vital importance of space’ or as it is
called in the East, void’ or ‘nothingness’
‘Space’, or as they usually call it in the East, ‘void’ or ‘nothingness’,
is a fundamental object of meditation and reverence in many
Faiths, especially in the East and Far East.
Believers in Taoism, as well as other Chinese Faiths, and Buddhism,
especially Zen Buddhism, in many areas of the East, regard study
of and meditation on ‘space’, that is ‘void’ or ‘nothingness’, as
absolutely vital.
In addition, which is highly relevant to this, Zen Buddhists are
given seemingly totally paradoxical or illogical puzzles, or ‘koans’,
to try to solve in their ‘zazen’, or Zen meditation. Some Zen monks
can take very many years in ‘zazen’, yet never solve their ‘koan’.
So never reach their goal, to attain Enlightenment and so achieve
full ‘Buddha Nature’, like the First Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama.
The Gateless Gate’ or ‘Mumonkan’ contains 40 such puzzles or
koans’, and the first and most common one to be set is the ‘mu’
koan’. In fact, this ‘koan’ is very much related to meditation on
‘the void’ or ‘nothingness’.
‘Mu’ is a very simple word unique to the Far East meaning yes and
no’. Yet, intensely thinking about, and meditating upon, the
importance and meaning of this one profound word, is as important
to Buddhists, especially Zen Buddhists, as upon ‘the void’.
These are usually said to be the two most common ways that
Buddhists attain ‘Enlightenment’ and so ‘the Buddha Nature’, that
is, completely come to terms with their own mind, or inner self, in
relation to the whole vast Rest of the Universe.
From a point of view of Full Enlightenment, let me first, hopefully,
give you a quick overview of ‘void’ or ‘nothingness’.
After that we will look very hard at the vital ‘importance’ of the ‘mu
word yes and no’ – or rather ‘yes AND no’.
First, imagine being inside a ‘void’, somewhere without space, time,
any objects, or any sensations at all whatsoever!
Immediately we can say ‘such a void cannot exist! Yet we know
that this void must exist, for we are inside such a void!’
Immediately, from the above, we know that space’ or the void’
has these two complementary opposite features or aspects:
Cannot existinside of space or the voidDoes Exist!
Immediately we have found one possible solution of many, to the
‘mu koan just above. For mu is the root basis of the creative
‘AND’, of everything that emerges, fully created and above all
Good, or Quality, from the other side of the void or space’ with
‘yes’ and ‘no’, its two complementary opposite features or aspects:
Nomu, a Good Spirit or Quality of Space or the VoidYes!
So we saw above, two examples of Qualities, Good Values, ‘Good
Spirits, or even physical Dimensions, each with two Complementary
Opposite Aspects; coming out of or Being Created by ‘that behind’
Space, otherwise called the Void or Nothingness!
A little thought tells us that this endless Creative Action, arising
from behind ‘the curtains of space’, must create the whole infinite
variety that we all witness, of other such Qualities or Good Spirits.
In Section 7 of this Part One below, many such Spirits are listed.
All Good Spirits have a Core Name, Word, or Action, if the Spirit
changes with Time, or Divine Quality with two complementary
opposite aspects, which emerge on either side, pointing outwards.
So the three parts of every variety of Good Spirits are in harmony,
and totally non-destructive.
Obviously, from within space or the Void’, is a very real, totally
infinite Horn of Plenty for all the ‘Good Spirits’ in this Universe.
Section 3
The Origins of the Universe
Most peoples’ views on this awesome subject, are currently taken
from recent theories in Science, usually the ‘Big Bang Theory’.
It is only quite recently in time, that these theories from science
have mainly come to agree with the many much older Faiths and
Religions of the World namely that our Universe had a definite
beginning. Other scientific theories, however, propose oscillating,
infinitely old, multiple or parallel Universes. To briefly summarise
the ‘Science’ and ‘Faith’ views: -
Scientific View
1. An initial ‘void’ existed, when suddenly our Universe erupted
from what science calls a ‘singularity’ – and Time began.
2. There was a ‘Big Bang’ or explosion and, in utter chaos, our
Universe started to come about, first with only light, and after
a huge amount of time, increasingly complex matter.
3. The current highly ordered Universe around us, has arisen
from a complete extension and continuation till today, of these
totally chaotic forces.
Overall view of most world Faiths
1. The initial void’ or ‘nothingness’ is the object of much
veneration and indeed meditation especially in the East and
Far East. Indeed Time was the first ‘thing’ to emerge from the
void but vitally there were not one but two, incredible
‘something’s else’ along with Time. One was the above Horn
of Plenty of Good Spirits, broadcast throughout the Universe.
2. That Horn of Plenty, along with Time, and the other
‘something else’, in fact between them, controlled the whole
start of the Universe right up to the present day.
3. The whole process of the Universe forming, a completely
ongoing set of very complex but highly ordered processes, was
a Creative Action by these three all totally ordered; not
chaotic as in the scientific view.
Section 4
The Great Enigma of ‘Just what is time?’
The usually puzzling Nature of Time Itself that is resolved
far more easily, once you realise that time is constantly
coming out of and re-entering ‘the Void’, and so what is
beyond the void!
Time is absolutely vastly more important in the whole Universe
than something we detect steadily passing on watches and clocks’,
although the most common question in the whole world is ‘what is
the time, please?’
People often wonder what time actually is and clearly time is a
very regular, totally reliable, endless, invisible, totally non-material
‘thing that is not a thing’ like a kind of gas that appears out of
nowhere then all the time, the present moment vanishes into the
Scientific views of time
From ancient times, right through the start of modern science
around the 16
Century with the great pioneers like Galileo
and Isaac Newton, until the start of the last or 20
Time was regarded as more or less as described as above, as
a very mysterious sort of ‘invisible gas’. Above all, until the
start of the last or 20
Century, crucially Time was completely
assumed to flow at precisely the same rate everywhere in the
World and Universe.
Obviously with global exploration, the time round the world
was measured in different ‘time zones’. Also it has always
proved impossible to make any two clocks or watches tell
precisely the same time!
Then about 100 years ago, Albert Einstein caused a major
revolution in science with his two Theories of Special Relativity
and General Relativity. Crucial to what I am saying here, the
views of science about the Nature of Time itself, were forever
altered by his two theories. The main features of the brand
new views of time that emerged as below, which were due
mainly to Einstein, have been verified by countless
experiments since.
Einstein proved conclusively that time flows at a very slightly
different rate everywhere in the Universe (clocks at all points
in the Universe measure time at different rates).
Furthermore, time goes at a different rate for moving objects,
compared to stationary objects. Finally, the presence of
nearby large objects affects the rate of time passing which
Einstein said was due to the gravitational field or force of such
a large heavy object.
A full ‘Spiritual’ View of Time
Time is not some vague ‘gas’ as above, at all! Time is totally
fundamental to the entire vast, infinite Universe, constantly
filing it, so is an absolutely crucial essential Quality, ‘Good’
Value, or Dimension, so a totally elite Good Spirit Being.
Crucially, therefore, totally different to the previous views of
science, Father Time is a Highly Intelligent Spirit Being!
Of both the Wind of Good Spirits from the Horn of Plenty which
we saw earlier, and also of Father Time, Jesus said, “The wind
blows where it will, and nobody knows where the wind comes
from, or where it blows to”.
As for any Good Spirit, Father Time is a spiritual triple
movement’ comprising pastpresent momentfuture.
Containing two equal and opposite ‘forces’ or ‘drives’
futurepresent and presentpast.
So truly, Father Time is the Grim Reaper’, yet is also the
Great Healer’, as well as the drive for all growth and change.
As Jesus said, ‘one sows and another reaps’.
The amazingly simple yet dramatic picture below, shows the
future as an infinitely gushing Good Spirit, constantly Sown
from ‘beyond the curtains’ of space. Sown as infinite ‘Present
Moments’ by Father Time, absolutely everywhere throughout
our own gigantic Universe. However, our physical Universe
only ever exists in the ‘Present Moment’, or ‘chronos’ time.
With Father Time constantly Reaping all the Infinite Present
Moments in the whole Infinite Universe, into the Infinite Past,
back in kairos time, beyond the Curtains of Space!
‘Time Lords’ with time machines are purely a creation of
science fiction! For if people really could travel in time by time
machine, you would quite definitely have met at least one
such time traveller by now, if not multitudes of them!
However, the inhabitants of God’s Country, ‘behind the
curtains of space’, are really ‘Time Servants’, quite the
opposite of imaginary Time Lords, and can indeed, readily
travel in time, in that incredible Country of the Origin of all
Good and all Goodness! For there the whole of the Past as
well as the whole of the Future of our Physical Universe is